Mowing Services

We offer everything from complete maintenance services to weekly mowing, and we tailor our lawn care program to your specific needs.

Power Seeding

A lawn can suffer for a variety of reasons, and we have solutions to all those problems. Whether your lawn has experienced heat and drought stresses, or it’s simply a victim of poor aeration, our power seeding services can ensure your lawn has the right turf level, so it grows lush and green.

Leaf Removal

If you have an abundance of trees and can’t mulch the leaves, let us take them away for you. We offer a complete leaf removal service, and all leaf biomass removed from your property goes into our Organic Decomposition Program, ensuring that those leaves can help make lawns greener.

Turf Applications

Lawns need precise nutrients to thrive. Our turf application program is designed with Kentucky lawns in mind. We only apply premium products to your lawn, to provide the highest quality of weed control. Our 5-step turf care program uses a special combination of pre-emergents, slow-release granular nutrients, and post-emergents to make your lawn as healthy and strong as it can be.

Tree Care

Few things can cause problems for a property like an unhealthy tree. Our combination of nutritional supplements, fungicides and insecticides, deep root feeding, and micro-infusion nutrient injections can help nurse your trees back to health and keep them healthy.