Why a Green Roof?

Green roofs have a variety of benefits, from enhancing the property’s overall appearance to helping to reduce the “urban heat island” effect many buildings suffer from. A green roof can reduce heat, noise, and your building’s carbon footprint. The vegetation on your roof helps to process and filter airborne toxins and increases the life of the roof membrane, as well as creates a relaxing, therapeutic environment for employees and tenants to relax. Green roofs can increase the heat efficiency of your building and reduce runoff from your roof during storms. And if that weren’t enough, the government offers credits and incentives for having a green roof, and you may qualify for LEED credits.

Our green roof services include:



When considering installing a green roof, the most important consideration is your contractor be certified for green roof installation. If you want to reap all the benefits of having a green roof, making sure it’s installed properly by someone certified is a crucial step in the process. Steele Blades holds a CT Certificate for garden roof installation, so you can rest easy that the right people are on the job.



We offer a complimentary consultation, so you can determine the costs and requirements of a green roof before you start your project. During this process we work with you on structural testing and budgeting – your green roof will be installed the right way, so it will last and thrive. Call us for a free quote today!



At Steele Blades, we work closely with our clients on landscape design, water wise irrigation design, lighting design, hardscape design, and site furnishing design, so you get exactly the green roof you want.



From project management to providing labor, we take care of all your needs during the green roof construction process. We pay attention to every detail, from waterproofing to irrigation to lighting. Steele Blades will install furniture, arbor features, and even water features on your roof, and we’re experienced in handling both tray and sloped systems.



Like any roof, a green roof must be maintained properly if it’s to continue providing you the benefits you want from it. We work with you to establish maintenance programs for leak detection, drain inspection, plant health, irrigation maintenance, mulching, and more, to ensure your roof stays beautiful and functional for as long as you own it.